Wizmaya is an award-winning graphic design studio located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been in the commercial graphic design business for more than 12 years now, making us a well-seasoned and highly experienced team in the field.

We excel in many different graphic design works, from logo design, illustration, web design, print design, and most recently, UI / UX design. That being said, we are more renowned for our works in logo design (branding), illustration and character / mascot design. We are well-known for our unique illustrative style approach in our logo design works, as well as mixed-style (Japanese manga + Disney-ish style) whimsical illustrations.

We have won several graphic design awards, and many of our works have been published in well-known graphic design books (LogoLounge, Iheartlogos, LogoNest and LogoTalk), and also featured in some popular websites (Behance, Creattica, LogoPond, LogoMoose, DesignersCouch).

Wizmaya consists of 5 core people, all with his / her own background and specialties. We play, we brainstorm, we work together and solve problems as a team. We realize that nobody is perfect, this is why teamwork is very important for us. We strive together to achieve new goals and take pride in our works.

Louis Davilla Wiyono


As the head of the team, Louie is responsible in almost everything that’s related to Wizmaya’s progression as a graphic design studio. Before graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in visual art from Pelita Harapan University, he spent about 2 years in Wanganui, New Zealand studying computer graphic design and animation at Wanganui Polytechnic. Now he is specialized in illustrations, digital painting, and flat graphic design. He also runs ArtOfLou.com, his personal illustration showcase site.

Ivan Sanyoto

Graphic Designer, Lead Web Designer

A true Surabayan, he has the heaviest Javanese accent around. Also graduated from Petra Christian University in visual communication design, he is the team’s best graphic designer in printed media and web design. He considered himself a perfectionist, which sometimes is arguable as he works pretty sloppy in the process. The final designs, however, never cease to amaze us (and our clients) so it never really bugs the team.



“Vero” as we always call her, is a Darma Persada University graduate. Despite the fact that she didn’t major in the graphic design field (she’s a bachelor of japanese literature), she has great talent in drawing and is now an expert illustrator. She has been Louie’s apprentice for a few years now and she has done lots of amazing works to date. She is now Louie’s right hand man…or woman… when it comes to drawing cartoons and children’s illustrations.

Erline Kuswandi

Marketing Director, Graphic Designer

As the team’s head of marketing, she’s definitely the busiest person around. Although she’s also a visual communication design graduate from Pelita Harapan University and a very talented graphic designer, she has been focusing much more on Wizmaya’s marketing side. She is also responsible for taking care of all our financial matters and studio needs. Thanks to her, we always have jobs to pay our bills and clients to befriend.

Alfrey Davilla Wiyono

Graphic Designer, Logo Specialist

Although he is the youngest member of the team and also the team’s clown, he can be considered as the most dedicated person when it comes to getting the job done. Graduated from Petra Christian University in Surabaya, he also majored in visual communication design. His thesis project earned him a honorable mention in his bachelor’s degree. Now he excels in logo and brand design as well as print design.