Logo For Charity Terms And Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for Wizmaya’s Logo for Charity project. Please read everything carefully before proposing your project.

  1. Submission and decision:

        • There’s only 1 free logo for charity slot available each month, and we are accepting up to 10 questionnaire submissions from 10 prospective clients. Once the slot is full, the submission form won’t be available until we open it again at the beginning of the following month.
        • The chosen client will be announced on our Wizblog along with a short background story about the client and the organization. Note that we don’t announce those who are not selected, but feel free to submit again (with a more detailed description of your organization) next month.
        • All our decisions are final.


  2. Design process and delivery:

      • It usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks to finish the logo design process depending on the revision process.
      • We offer 1 logo concept and up to 2 minor revisions to the final design.
      • The final design will be featured on our Wizblog.


  3. Copyright:

    • All charity logo that we create belongs to the client. Client will have all the exclusive rights to use the logo without any limitation. However, we still retain the credit as the logo designer, and we are allowed to showcase the logo as one of our portfolios.
    • If the client doesn’t like the design we propose, the client will be given 2 options:
      • to take the logo ‘as is’ for further development (logo copyright belongs to the client, but we are credited as the original designer), or
      • to ‘donate’ the logo to our Logoshop so that the other suitable organization might use it in the future (in this case we will retain all copyright of the logo).