Logo for Charity

A good logo can really make a difference, even for non-profit, fund-raising and charitable organizations / foundations.

Starting this December, Wizmaya Design Studio is now offering a free logo / mascot design (or redesign) service for any charitable, non-profit or fund raising organizations, communities, groups and services each month. This has been in our to-do list for quite a while, and now we are finally ready to make the commitment.

So how does this work? It’s very easy: just fill in our Logo for Charity project questionnaire below and submit it to us! The more detailed information / description you can give, all the better. Note that we can only do 1 free charity logos per month, so there’s no guarantee that we will do yours immediately.


Please make sure you read our terms and conditions for Wiz Logo for Charity before you submit the questionnaire. By submitting the questionnaire below, you have agreed with all Wiz Logo for Charity’s terms and conditions.

Ready? Start by filling in the Wiz Logo For Charity questionnaire.