Welcome to Wiz LogoShop! All logos listed here are our unused or experimental logo concepts which are available and up for exclusive sale, all under $500 price tag. Exclusive here means that these logos are only available for a 1-time-purchase only, and the buyer will have all the exclusive rights to use the logo, without any restrictions. Every logo that has been bought will be removed from this category immediately.

So how does this work?
  1. Browse through our Wiz LogoShop. We have quite a collection of (unused) high quality logo concepts some of which are featured on well-known logo sites and books. Our price is competitive and varies per logo depending on the style, versatility, and concept of each one. Find the one that you like best and let us know by email to get a quote.
  2. We will immediately remove the chosen logo from the gallery as soon as we receive a full payment from you.
  3. Allow us up to 36 hours to do all the necessary adjustments and customization based on your request (brand name, color sets, font etc). Note that only minor adjustments are allowed.
  4. We will deliver the final logo files in your chosen format along with a complete exclusive copyright transfer statement to you.

Well then… please go ahead and browse our available logos!