Want To Get Drafted On Dribbble?

Yup that’s right: we have one Dribbble invite available to share!

If you are interested, here’s how we play:

  1. You have to be a spectator on Dribbble first.
  2. Obviously, you have to show us your best design pieces. Create a shot (400×300 pixels) that you would post on Dribbble. Leave a comment below this post or send a tweet mentioning @Wizmaya with a link to the shot, and preferably along with a link to your online design portfolio as well.
  3. We are accepting all entries until Saturday, March 10 2012, 00:00 Jakarta time (+7:00 GMT). All updates / changes will be announced via our Twitter account, so feel free to follow us.
  4. Invitation will be sent out to one ‘winner’ on Monday, March 12 2012.

Several tips:

  • We’re suckers for beautiful illustrations, killer logos and great design process.
  • You can play around with your shot, but the link to your online portfolio is very essential.

So let’s get this game started! Thank you for participating, we’re looking forward to seeing your beautiful works!



Turns out that finding the ‘right’ Dribbble draftee is harder than we thought. So we’re lifting up the deadline for this contest and it will stay open until we choose one worthy designer. Anyone interested, post and tweet us your best works!