Wiz Mascot / Character Design Project Questionnaire

So what kind of cool character or mascot you have in mind?

Help us help you! Below you will find our character design project questionnaire that you need to fill in. Yes, I know it’s quite a task, but to create a successful character / mascot design, this step is a MUST. By filling this in, you will help us tremendously in coming up with the coolest character for you.

The more details you can provide, all the better. If you are still unsure or having a hard time filling in the blanks, I strongly suggest  you to withdraw for a moment, take your time to do more brainstorming and really think about your concept and planning for the mascot. This is a very crucial phase that will surely determine the successful outcome of this project.

Ready? Here goes…

Several important notes:

  • Please understand that we can’t accept projects with less than $500 budget.
  • Although it is more affordable, only choose our first package (project worth $500 – $999) if you already have a clear vision of the character, the concept behind it and absolutely sure about the direction that your mascot are headed to.  For best result, we strongly recommend to go for the other offered options.
  • Every project package includes 2 additional poses of the final character (isolated, on white background).
  • For best results, it usually takes about 3 weeks to 4 weeks working time to finish a character / mascot design project (depending on the quantity of poses and additional illustrations). However, we always aim to finish each project as quickly as possible.
  • For any project below $1000, a full amount of the project fee needs to be paid upfront (prior to starting the project).
  • For the other packages ($1000 and up), a 50% deposit fee is required to be paid upfront. The rest of the payment can be done after the final design is approved, before we deliver the final files.
  • At the moment, we only accept PayPal or credit card payment via PayPal. Note that there will be 6% addition to the total amount for administrative and transfer fee.